It’s a Boy!!


Hi team,

This week is a card which I made for a very special friend of mine who will be having a baby boy very soon.
I stitched the little baby from an old pattern I picked up at a jumble sale about 7-8 years ago, he’s been sitting there waiting for his moment to shine! He’s stitched on linen because I just l-o-v-e to stitch on linen.

The decorative paper is from Rosie’s Studio. The paper pack isn’t baby specific so I was super happy to flick through it and find out there was the perfect baby paper in there.

The baby block stamp was the Sullivan’s brand from Lincraft. It’s not a great stamp…..I mean it stamps fine, but the actual stamp itself just seems messy…..I might need to look for something betterΒ in the future.

The embellishment on the ribbon was something I’m a bit proud of, I made it myself using a button and a diamante. I wasn’t too sure what to put on a boy card, I didn’t want anything too girly. Personally – I think I nailed it πŸ™‚

Enjoy your week!



Evenweave Stitching – Tiny Treasured Diamond


Hi team,

This week is a Tiny Treasured Diamond by Mill Hill. It’s supposed to be used as a Christmas tree decoration but I think it will actually be lovely attached to the end of a pair of embroidery scissors to be used as a pin cushion.

The kit instructions were very easy to follow and there were plenty of beads and thread leftover, so if you make a mistake – never fear!

I actually ended up using the leftover thread as part of the stuffing. I didn’t have any poly fill in my stash and I’m still doing my best to stick to my challenge and not buy any new craft items. I ended up raiding my scrap thread bag and pulling out any tiny pieces. It was more than enough to fill the little diamond.


As much as I like stitching on aida, I love stitching on evenweave! I think the finished product looks so much finer. Plus you can do Hardanger embroidery on evenweave and I think it’s so beautiful.

I wish I could link to the shop that I bought this from, but, as I mentioned in my very first post the shop closed down. Shows how long I’ve had this kit sitting in my house though – eek!


Have a terrific week!


Evenweave Stitching – Biscornu Rhodes Butterfly Pincushion

The finished product

The finished product

Hi team!

This is possibly one of my favourite small embroidery pieces of all time. I love the colours, the different stitches, and the fact that it looks much more difficult to make than it really was! The biscornu shape is so interesting, you’d never guess that it started off life as 2 squares of linen.

I picked up the pattern kit at a shop in Sydney which has since closed down, but it’s from the team at The Sweetheart Tree who design some very pretty stuff. Everything you need comes in the kit (except the stuffing) and the instructions are very easy – they have to be for me to work through them!

This was my first time stitching on evenweave, I’d always thought it would be so difficult, but once you learn how – it’s so simple.

Tip: A standard cross-stitch is created using a 2×2 sized square of holes (4 holes in total). To stitch on evenweave, the stitch is created using a 3×3 sized square of holes (9 holes in total).

I think the finished result looks nicer than aida, maybe I’ll buy some evenweave once I work through my aida stash…..or maybe I’ll just buy some anyway!

Much love