And a Partridge in a Pear Tree…….


Hi team,

This week is another small Royal and Langnickel cross stitch I completed in just a few hours.

Again, the instructions in the kit were a bit dodgy (still instructing me on how to colour my horse), but the image is simple enough that you really don’t need the instructions.

This will become another Xmas card at some point so you’ll be seeing it again in the future 🙂

Have a brilliant week!!



One Sheet Wonder Cards


Hi team,

16 cards from one sheet of paper?! You bet!!

This week I attempted a ‘one sheet wonder’ card. This is a set of cards which are created using 1 sheet of 12×12 patterned scrapbook paper. The template I used for these cards can be found here.


I also used 1 12×12 sheet of pale pink cardstock, and 2 A4 sheets of magenta cardstock. The end result was enough pieces of paper to create 16 cards.


It took quite a long time to cut all the pieces out! Part of that was because all the measurements were in imperial, and I’m used to only working in metric. It meant that each time I cut the paper, I had to double (and triple) check my paper was in the correct position.


The sentiment stamps are from Penny Black, I particularly like the “Wishing you a day filled with love and laughter” sentiment because it’s very versatile. I can use it for birthdays, weddings, and any other ‘special’ day.


The embellishments are all from my stash, I’m loving the larger pearls, I think they make the cards look really nicely finished. The little hearts are all punched out using a tiny punch, then I added some Glossy Accents to make them shiny.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Baby Shower Thanks – How to Mass Produce a Card


Hi team,

It was my baby shower a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d hand make my thank you cards. This meant that I was making quite a few cards…….!! While I was at it, I thought I’d share my tips for mass producing cards to make it as stress-free as possible.

1. Start Early! I started making these cards before the invites even went out – I was still working full time and I was pretty exhausted so I knew I’d need lots of time to get it all done.

2. Choose something easy(ish) I just searched You Tube for ‘Thank You Cards’ and chose one that I thought looked pretty easy. I did modify the design a little for my purpose (no pop-dots or foam tape on my cards…..otherwise that equals extra postage)

3. Make a template I think it’s really important to make a template first before just jumping in and making the cards. Partly to test the card out, to make sure you got all your cutting dimensions correct, but mostly just to see how it looks once you’ve put it all together. If you hate it, far better to change it now than when you’re part way through! Plus, you’ll need to have something to refer to when you start making all the other cards.


4. Production Line! Do not try to make each card individually……it will take you forever! The best thing to do is create a production line. So one evening, all I did was trim my papers down to size. The next time I worked on this it was stamping & colouring, then die cutting, adhesive application, and finally…..assembling the cards.

5. Stamping & Colouring Now is not the time for lots of stamping & detailed colouring, save that for your special one-off cards. For this card, I just had one stamped image that I stamped over & over on some paper. To colour I just used a sponge dipped in the ink. If I went outside the lines, so be it – I think it adds an artistic touch!


6. Adhesive I wish I had a tape runner! Sticking the adhesive tape was probably the longest part of the process……

7. Use stickers Rather than stamp my sentiment, I just used a ‘Thank You’ sticker. It was easy & quick.

8. Pre-made card bases & envelopes For mass production, I recommend using cards and envelopes which are already pre-made. It saves a lot of time and you can spend more time doing the card decorating (which is the fun bit after all).


Much love,




Flippin’ Out! Thank You Card

Flip-it Thank You Card

Flip-it Thank You Card

Hi team,

This week I tried my hand at using a Sizzix Flip-it die, I really liked making this card!

I’ve also never tried to emboss anything before, so I’m really happy with how the bird turned out. I don’t own a heat gun, so I just turned the grill section of my oven on low and put the piece of card-stock in there for about 15 seconds – it works great!

I also have a tip about adding some extra interest to the sentiment tag – I cut 2 of the same shapes, one out of light blue, the other out of dark blue. Then I cut the dark blue one in half and positioned it so that it stuck out a bit further than the light blue shape. It gives it a bit of a funky art-deco feel.

Products used:

Flip-it Thank You Card

Doing its Flippy Thing!

Much love,