Cellini Spiral Stitch Necklace


Hi team,

This week is a necklace I made for my mum for her birthday. It’s a Cellini Spiral, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I think one of the things I love most about this necklace is that it looks very complicated, but in fact it’s a very simple stitch performed over and over.

It’s just a circular peyote stitch worked using different sized beads.

There are quite a few tutorials on You Tube for this type of bead work so if you’re interested in learning, you should check some of them out!


One of the best things about this stitch is that you can use pretty much any beads you like. Provided you have some small beads and some larger ones, you’re going to get the cool spiral effect.

The beads I used:

Size 15 black seed beads

Size 11 silver Delica beads

Size 11 red Mill Hill beads

Size 10 black triangle seed beads

Size 8 frosted red seed beads


It takes a long time to stitch – I think this represents about 12 hours of work. I really hope my mum likes it!

Have a great week!



Evenweave Stitching – Tiny Treasured Diamond


Hi team,

This week is a Tiny Treasured Diamond by Mill Hill. It’s supposed to be used as a Christmas tree decoration but I think it will actually be lovely attached to the end of a pair of embroidery scissors to be used as a pin cushion.

The kit instructions were very easy to follow and there were plenty of beads and thread leftover, so if you make a mistake – never fear!

I actually ended up using the leftover thread as part of the stuffing. I didn’t have any poly fill in my stash and I’m still doing my best to stick to my challenge and not buy any new craft items. I ended up raiding my scrap thread bag and pulling out any tiny pieces. It was more than enough to fill the little diamond.


As much as I like stitching on aida, I love stitching on evenweave! I think the finished product looks so much finer. Plus you can do Hardanger embroidery on evenweave and I think it’s so beautiful.

I wish I could link to the shop that I bought this from, but, as I mentioned in my very first post the shop closed down. Shows how long I’ve had this kit sitting in my house though – eek!


Have a terrific week!


Wave Delica Necklace

Hi team,

This week is something that I actually worked on for a few weeks – this wasn’t an overnight job, trust me!

The design for this beautiful necklace came from this issue of Beadwork magazine. I own it as a hard copy and I seriously can’t recommend it highly enough. The designs in it are absolutely beautiful.

Work in progress

Work in progress

This was certainly not the easiest necklace I’ve ever stitched, but like most bead weaving, it relies on making lots of simple smaller components which get added together to make the final stunning piece.

The first step was to bezel each of the glass pearls, then each wave is stitched as two separate pieces which are connected together in the middle. Sounds simple right? Each full wave took me approximately 45 minutes to create, and I was doing it during my daughter’s nap times. Sometimes the naps did not last 45 minutes……sigh!

Still in progress.......

Still in progress…….

It’s lovely to wear and suits my neck just fine, but I think if I was making this for someone else I’d add 2 more waves just to make sure it would fit them.

Close-up of the waves

Close-up of the waves

Close-up of the bezel

Close-up of the bezel

Have a terrific week!


Christmas Stocking Cross Stitch


The finished stocking

Hi team,

Apologies for the extended hiatus! There is a very good reason – I promise 🙂 I gave birth to a beautiful daughter in early November and since then my time for crafting has been somewhat……limited?!

So the blog may have to take a back seat while I tackle being a full time mummy, more because I have less time to create new things for you than anything else.

Having said that, I’ve been working on this Christmas stocking for the past few months and I finally finished it! I was super worried that I wouldn’t get it finished in time so I’m pretty pleased that it’s done & it’s still November (just)!


Close up of some of the stitching

I purchased the kit from here though it looks like she may have sold out of this particular one.


Close up of the name

I have to say that although I enjoyed making the stocking very much, the kit wasn’t the greatest. It was supposed to include everything you needed to make the project, but I found that quite a few of the embroidery threads ran out before I finished the project, so I had to go out and buy more. Also, the threads were all supposed to have 6 strands, but several of mine only had 5. Again, it meant I had to buy more floss.


Back of the stocking

Once the cross stitch was completed, I hand stitched it to the backing fabric, then I used some iron-on interfacing on the back of the cross-stitch to hide all the threads and to protect them from getting caught on any of the presents I put inside.

Take care


Peyote Triangle Earrings and Pendant


Hi team,

I made this earring and pendant set a few weeks ago using the same beads I used for the Russian stitch earring and pendant set.

I was inspired to make these after watching a few videos on You Tube on how to work the stitch. You can find some very ornate examples on there, but I quite like the simplicity of the plain triangles against the black.

These are currently for sale on my Etsy store if you’re interested in them 🙂

The yellow/orange delicas are stitched using peyote, while the black delicas are stitched using herringbone.

Front of pendant

Front of pendant

The earrings have the same pattern on the front and the back, while the pendant has a plain back.

Back of pendant

Back of pendant

Have a great week!

Russian Leaf Peyote Earrings

Russian Leaf Earrings

Hi team,

This week is another pair of earrings I made. The stitch is the same as the Russian leaf earring and pendant set I showed you a few weeks ago, but this one uses triangle Miyuki beads around the edge.

I like the effect the triangle beads give, they remind me of something a fortune-teller would wear!

These are currently for sale on my Etsy shop, so if you’re interested in owning them, pop over and check them out!

Take care,


Netted Seed Bead Bracelet


Hi team,

This week is a little bit of a blast from the past. I made this bracelet over 2 years ago after being inspired by this amazing book from Diane Fitzgerald.


I made it using Mill Hill seed beads and Fireline thread. The idea was to have a bracelet that I could wear with a bunch of my green tops and dresses.

It was all going according to plan until the day I sprayed perfume on my wrists and then put the bracelet on……some of the beads turned yellow!!

The clasp is a simple slider. It’s not as pretty as some of the other clasps out there, but it does the job. Plus it’s magnetic so it’s very sturdy.


Have a great week!