Challenge Update


Hi team,

It’s been about 4 months since I set myself the challenge of not purchasing any new craft products and using up what I already have. Here is a reminder of the rules I set for myself:

1. Do not purchase any new craft items between now and 31 Dec 2015

2. Continue to craft using existing craft supplies

3. If someone else purchases craft supplies for me as a present I can use those.

4. If someone gives me a gift certificate, I can spend the certificate.

So I’ve failed a little bit…..the photos in this post are my ‘confession’ :P.

I joined a few Facebook card-making groups and some of the creators on there are absolutely amazing! The feather die and the feather stamp set I purchased thanks to the Facebook groups. They were actually free gifts with a card making magazine, and so many people in the Facebook group had used them to create these amazing projects, I felt I just has to get them.

The pile of clasps and findings was a bargain that was too good to pass up. My local craft store had a sale on their old stock. 10 packs for $1. Seriously… was such a good deal!


Lastly…..I ran out of adhesive for my cards! I thought about using foam tape instead (which I still have 2 rolls of), but then I decided to just suck it up and make the purchase. It was something I really needed after all!

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with how I’m going. I feel like I’m using up quite a lot of my stuff (and making some nice looking craft items). Plus I’ve become more creative with using what I already have, rather than rushing out to buy even more stuff.

I hope you get inspired to use up your own stash!



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