Evenweave Stitching – Tiny Treasured Diamond


Hi team,

This week is a Tiny Treasured Diamond by Mill Hill. It’s supposed to be used as a Christmas tree decoration but I think it will actually be lovely attached to the end of a pair of embroidery scissors to be used as a pin cushion.

The kit instructions were very easy to follow and there were plenty of beads and thread leftover, so if you make a mistake – never fear!

I actually ended up using the leftover thread as part of the stuffing. I didn’t have any poly fill in my stash and I’m still doing my best to stick to my challenge and not buy any new craft items. I ended up raiding my scrap thread bag and pulling out any tiny pieces. It was more than enough to fill the little diamond.


As much as I like stitching on aida, I love stitching on evenweave! I think the finished product looks so much finer. Plus you can do Hardanger embroidery on evenweave and I think it’s so beautiful.

I wish I could link to the shop that I bought this from, but, as I mentioned in my very first post the shop closed down. Shows how long I’ve had this kit sitting in my house though – eek!


Have a terrific week!



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