Mother’s Day – Presents for the Nanas!!

DSC_1446 Hi team, Technically this week’s post is a combined effort between myself and my daughter, but I think she’ll be ok with me posting her handiwork. πŸ™‚ This was part of the present that each of the Nannas received for Mothers Day this year. I got the ideas for the artwork from Pinterest, there are so many great designs and quotes out there. The paint used is kid safe and meant for finger painting so I wasn’t worried about getting little fingers and toes covered in the stuff! DSC_1450 Β  I was originally going to make two with the same quotes, but after the artwork was completed I thought that one looked just like a bunch of flowers so I decided to run with it. DSC_1448 Β  The photo frames are from Ikea and were actually used as part of the table decorations at our wedding so the present has double the sentimentality. Have a lovely week! Weezie


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