Wave Delica Necklace

Hi team,

This week is something that I actually worked on for a few weeks – this wasn’t an overnight job, trust me!

The design for this beautiful necklace came from this issue of Beadwork magazine. I own it as a hard copy and I seriously can’t recommend it highly enough. The designs in it are absolutely beautiful.

Work in progress

Work in progress

This was certainly not the easiest necklace I’ve ever stitched, but like most bead weaving, it relies on making lots of simple smaller components which get added together to make the final stunning piece.

The first step was to bezel each of the glass pearls, then each wave is stitched as two separate pieces which are connected together in the middle. Sounds simple right? Each full wave took me approximately 45 minutes to create, and I was doing it during my daughter’s nap times. Sometimes the naps did not last 45 minutes……sigh!

Still in progress.......

Still in progress…….

It’s lovely to wear and suits my neck just fine, but I think if I was making this for someone else I’d add 2 more waves just to make sure it would fit them.

Close-up of the waves

Close-up of the waves

Close-up of the bezel

Close-up of the bezel

Have a terrific week!



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