Challenge Accepted!

Hi team,

No crafty item to show, just wanted to have a chat/rant about something that I’m very guilty of, and I suspect lots of other people are too (I hope……I can’t be the only one)!!

I’m a craft hoarder! It’s nuts……I generally only buy things when they’re on sale, then I put them away with the best intentions of using them, but I never do. I find I have the mentality of “I’m saving that for a special occasion” or “I’ll use [insert item here] once I finish using [insert other item here]” Then I never use up the first item!!!

Then I have to purchase additional storage containers to store all the extra things I’ve bought…….Those containers are taking over my room. Before I had my baby it wasn’t so noticable, her bedroom was my study/craft room and the containers didn’t bother me so much. Since we had to clear out everything from her room, all my boxes are now in my bedroom, and it’s bothering me. A lot.

I’ve decided to set myself a challenge – to continue crafting for the rest of the year, but to only use items I currently own and not to purchase anything new. I’m hoping that I can free up a little bit of space in my bedroom again, and get rid of some of my containers.

I have given myself a few caveats (that’s the joy of making your own rules right)?! If someone buys me craft supplies, I can use those (it would be rude not to right?), and if I get given a gift certificate for a craft store I can spend that (some of the certificates only have a 6 month expiry and I don’t want to waste money).

To recap – here are the rules:

1. Do not purchase any new craft items between now and 31 Dec 2015

2. Continue to craft using existing craft supplies

3. If someone else purchases craft supplies for me as a present I can use those.

4. If someone gives me a gift certificate, I can spend the certificate.

I’m kinda looking forward to the challenge of seeing what I can make with the supplies I already have – I’m also looking forward to seeing the bottom of a few of my boxes/containers!

I hope this post inspires you other crafty hoarders out there (I know some of you must be, I can’t be the only one)!!

Have a crafty week!!



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