Scrappy Xmas Cards – Part 2


Hi team,

I think I forgot to mention in last weeks post that I actually made 4 trees, but I had only created 2 cards with them…..well, here are the other 2!

I found a great ‘Merry Christmas’ die which I had purchased on sale a while ago… was still in it’s packaging! I swear, I’m so bad when it comes to buying things and then not using them, or saving them for a ‘special occasion’. It’s been used now, so I’m happy.


For this card I attempted to watercolour the background, but the card isn’t watercolour cardstock. It’s not my finest effort 😦 , I really should have used some of my watercolour paper as the background, then adhered that to the card.

Also, how annoying is that 1 pearl that’s out of alignment?! The pearls are on a strip of glue and just that 1 pearl is off line. I was thinking of cutting it and reattaching it separately, but I’m not super happy with this card in general, so I don’t think it will be given to anyone. This can be my practice card.

Have a lovely week,



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