Christmas Countdown – Advent Calendar


Hi team,

So first, a confession…. didn’t just knock this up in the past few weeks. I made this quite a few months ago……back when I had a bit more time on my hands. πŸ™‚

This advent calendar is a Kaisercraft MDF kit which you get to construct & decorate. The little boxes are all made from a thick cardboard.

This was not a quick project, it took many many weeks to complete. The paper used was an old Xmas scrapbook paper called Twig & Berry (also by Kaisercraft).

I constructed the boxes first, they are all pre-cut and scored so you simply need to fold and glue. I used Mod Podge to glue them together. In fact, I used Mod Podge as my glue / sealant throughout this whole project. I tried covering one in paper first and then folding & gluing it, but it didn’t look very good. So I suggest making the little boxes first, then adding your paper and decorations!


Back view

For the actual calendar, I painted all of the wooden parts black. I wanted it to look like the calendar had soot on it from Santa coming down the chimney. That’s also why the boxes & numbers have black edges. I then adhered more Twig & Berry paper to the front, sides, and back, then sealed everything with Mod Podge.

I wasn’t too sure how to decorate the back because it’s larger than a 12×12 piece of standard scrapbook paper. Instead I chopped up some papers and made 9 smaller squares. To hide my uneven cutting, I covered the joins with some ribbon. πŸ™‚



The most difficult part was thinking of what to put in the window box as my Xmas scene! I think it’s still a work in progress…. the present and tree are stuck down using low-tack tape so I can easily remove them if I change my mind.

I have a lot of Lego mini-figurines, I was thinking that maybe next year I could create a Lego Xmas scene!

Happy holidays everyone!



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