Wedding DIY – Cross Stitch Wishing Well

Hi team,

Another post featuring the craziness of DIY for my wedding. This weeks post deals with my wishing well sign.

Wishing Well Sign

Wishing Well Sign

But first – I’ve spoken to a few non-Australian friends and they have never heard of a wedding wishing well, so I thought i’d better explain :). Because a lot of people live together before getting married here in Aust, we already have a lot of the items you’d typically put on a wedding registry. Some couples choose to have a “Wishing Well” instead where guests put cards containing money and their “Well Wishes”. Some couples just have a gift registry, and some have both a wishing well and a registry to give guests the option.

I knew I didn’t want my wishing well to look like a traditional white well with flowers and doves. Quite a few couples use bird cages, and that thought did cross my mind because I thought it looked pretty cool, but I didn’t really want to buy an extra item that I’d have to re-home after the wedding.  Instead, I used things I already had around my house to come up with this:

Sign Complete with Wooden Heart

Sign Complete with Wooden Heart

I’m really happy with how it turned out! I own a few vintage beauty cases that I use to store my accessories (scarves, sunglasses, belts, etc), so I just emptied out one of them to use as my wishing well. Then I cross-stitched the panel using a picture and an alphabet from this book. I stuck the panel to some cardboard with a bit of stuffing behind it so it wasn’t completely flat, then stuck the cardboard to a wooden heart.

Since my wedding, I haven’t actually found a new home for this……it just lives in the beauty case. If anyone has some suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Much love,



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