Hoot Hoot! Owl Ornaments

Hi Team,

Some simple sewing this week! For Xmas last year my sister-in-law bought me a super cute DIY owl ornament set. The kit can be purchased here.

Everything you need is in the kit and all of the pieces are pre-cut. I think it’s designed so that younger kids (as well as big kids like me) can make them easily.

Owls in Progress

Owls in Progress

However….The instructions that come with the kit aren’t the best I’ve seen. They rely on a bit of assumed knowledge. For instance, the instructions say to blanket stitch the pieces together, but with no instruction on what blanket stitch is or how to do it. It’s fine for me because I know how to blanket stitch, but not so fine if this is a project for someone younger or less experienced.

Completed Owls - Embroidery Scissors for scale :)

Completed Owls – Embroidery Scissors for scale πŸ™‚

Also, I should point out that I needed to use hot glue to get the felt pieces to stick together. I tried a few other glues and none of them were showing me any love. So again, if you buy this kit for a child, someone older (and who owns a hot glue gun) will need to assemble it.

Overall, for me this project was pretty easy and fun, and I think they turned out really nicely but I wouldn’t purchase this set for children.

Much love,



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