Banners, Banners, Banners!!

Banner Birthday Card

Banner Birthday Card

Hi team,

I think these little pointy ended guys are called banners? Maybe not, but until someone corrects me that’s what I’m going with. πŸ™‚

This is a very simple card to make, and you don’t need many specialty supplies at all. In fact, I actually made 2 at the same time, but I might show the second one in a different post, it looks a little different!

To easily make the banners, I have 2 different options for you to make sure your ends match up.

  1. Folder the end of the paper in half, then snip once. This means that your ends will be even, but the downside is that your ends might get a creased look to them. I actually quite like the effect because it lifts the ends off the paper a little bit.
  2. Snip a cut in the middle of the bottom of the banner to the height you want the ends to join at. The make 2 more cuts, diagonally from each side to join where your first cut ended. The downside to this method is that if your paper wasn’t cut straight to begin with, you might have a lop-sided banner!

Products used:

Much love,




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