Floral Cross Stitch Hand Towel

Floral Border Hand Towel

Floral Border Hand Towel

Hi Team,

This is a project I’ve been working on for a few months now, and I’m pleased to say that it’s finished!!

The pattern for this hand towel comes from Stitch by Cath Kidston. In the book it’s actually supposed to be a panel to go on a cushion, but I like it better (and think it’s more kitsch) to use it this way. I already had the border Aida in my stash, and the floss was an inexpensive purchase.

My reason for making it a hand towel border was that I had one odd towel in my house that didn’t match any of the others. So I thought I’d make it a super-different stand out piece. About half-way through making the border however, I lost the towel! I was so annoyed that I put away the stitching and didn’t touch it for a few weeks while I tried to track down what I did with the towel. In the end I never found it, but my husband convinced me to buy another hand towel in its place.

Replacement Towel with the Finished Border

Replacement Towel with the Finished Border

Turns out my inexpensive project ended up costing a little more than I had bargained for! Oops!

I’ll jut have to find another project for that other towel if/when it shows up again.

Have a great week!

Much Love,



5 thoughts on “Floral Cross Stitch Hand Towel

  1. I love it when a simple thing like a bit of embroidery makes an item unique and personal becuase os much love and skill went into it!!! Well done – hope it was worth the wait! πŸ™‚

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