DIY Wedding – So Many Flowers…….Paper Roses

Paper Flowers

I love them so much!

Hi team,

So I got married last year. Like so many brides, I elected to DIY to save costs where I could. I also found it reduced my stress levels to sit and churn out crafts. πŸ˜›

I made A LOT of things for the wedding. One of the big problems I had though is what to do with everything afterwards.

Today’s post deals with (some of) the paper flowers. I made approximately 250 paper flowers in all different shapes and sizes (just a little bit overboard). The ones in this post were never actually used at the wedding, but I couldn’t stand to just throw them away. They now have a new life in a vase we received as a wedding gift.

Paper Flowers

No stems – just as they were for the wedding day (if they’d been used)

They were originally intended to be scattered over the guests tables, so I hadn’t put in place any way to get them on to stems as I was making them. It’s ok – I got creative!

  • I bought a cheap pair of decorative edged scissors from Lincraft, and cut circles out of paper and card-stock (card works much better than paper for this) using the fancy scissors.
  • Cut the circle into a spiral, starting at the outer edge and working your way in. The middle of the circle will become the base of the flower so don’t cut it too small.
  • Roll the spiral up, again starting at the outer edge and working your way in. Let it unroll a little, then glue the base to the ‘petals’. You have to hold them for a minute or 2 while the glue goes tacky, then just let them dry.

Please note: This is not a fast craft! I made more than 60 of these flowers……it took hours, many, many hours.

Paper Flowers

The end result!

To get them onto the stems, I actually just punched 2 holes in the bottom of each using a needle (and then a toothpick to make the holes big). Then threaded the stems up through 1 hole and down through the other. Fasten in place with some florists tape and you’re done!

Now I can see them everyday and they remind me of my wedding day (and the agonising hours I spent making them).

Much love,



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