Valentine’s Day Card

Valentines Love

Valentines Love

Hi team,

With Valentines Day coming up this Friday, what better time to make a card dedicated to L-O-V-E!

I was inspired to make this card after I found a super-cute tiny heart punch at a Daiso near my office. Daiso is a Japanese convenience store where everything is $2.80 Aussie Dollars ($3.50 Kiwi Dollars at the store in Auckland). It has just about everything you can imagine – I often spend my entire lunch break there πŸ™‚

This card was very simple to make – just punch out the shapes, add foam to the back, line them up and stick them down!

I added some glitter to the little red hearts just for a bit of extra interest. I tried to get a good photo of it…..try being the operative word!

Valentines Love - Glitter close up

Valentines Love – Glitter close up

Tip: Add the little hearts to the centre of the big hearts before you add the foam to the back – It’s much easier to maneuver without having the big heart rock around on its tiny foam plinth!

Products used:

Much (Valentines) love,



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