Evenweave Stitching – Biscornu Rhodes Butterfly Pincushion

The finished product

The finished product

Hi team!

This is possibly one of my favourite small embroidery pieces of all time. I love the colours, the different stitches, and the fact that it looks much more difficult to make than it really was! The biscornu shape is so interesting, you’d never guess that it started off life as 2 squares of linen.

I picked up the pattern kit at a shop in Sydney which has since closed down, but it’s from the team at The Sweetheart Tree who design some very pretty stuff. Everything you need comes in the kit (except the stuffing) and the instructions are very easy – they have to be for me to work through them!

This was my first time stitching on evenweave, I’d always thought it would be so difficult, but once you learn how – it’s so simple.

Tip: A standard cross-stitch is created using a 2×2 sized square of holes (4 holes in total). To stitch on evenweave, the stitch is created using a 3×3 sized square of holes (9 holes in total).

I think the finished result looks nicer than aida, maybe I’ll buy some evenweave once I work through my aida stash…..or maybe I’ll just buy some anyway!

Much love



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